Toronto, Ontario

The workers at Softron tax discriminate against different races they are all very rude. Not honest people at all the lady today actually told me that the lowest price they would ever charge for a tax return is $125 then I called square one location and the lady there told me $50 then I call head office and that lady told me $40 and asks me if I don't have anything better to do and that I'm just wasting mine and their time I thought that was very rude.

They all stick together and discriminate against people and that's wrong half of them can't even speak properly and they want to give attitude to everyone but their kind. Softron tax is a very prejudiced company that needs to be shut down. People need to stop giving them their money. Go to H&R block where it's a multiracial environment we live in a multiracial country where it is against the law to discriminate against one another nobody is better than nobody.

To think of it....

They discriminate and take people's money but yet if we were to stop going to them they wouldn't make any money and would have to shut down cause one kind alone isnt enough to stay in business if that's the game they want to play. We live in a multiracial world if you don't like it then leave.

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I will never go back to softron JAKe this guy at thew meadowvale location did our 2013 and tell us he sent in a transfer to transfer the Dtc from mine to husband back in february and ive been waiting to hear back I called revenue canada my self and they informed me softron never sent them any such letter or adjustment as after all this waiting I had to do it myself after jake telling us we were owed all this money back which was not true and since feb we are still waiting on our 2013 to be finished


These comments are ridiculous and unjustified. I have been going to them for years and I have dealt with Softron staff from all over the world.

Softron is a Canadian company compared to Block which is 100% American.

How could a Canadian Company with a multiracial & diverse work force Discriminate.

It just does not make sense. :( :zzz :eek :grin

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