I was expecting to get a refund of $2900 when I file my tax return with Softron. When the notice came in from Revenue Canada, I got $2,000.

I thought that Softron took my money and went to the head office. They Called Canada Revenue Agency right away and determined that I had failed to report one of my T slips. I had moved and I had completely forgot about that job.

The Softron staff were Friendly & Courteous even though I was rude because I thought that It was their fault.

Once they explained, I was Satisfied & Pleased. I have been going to them for years and they always take real good care of me.

Monetary Loss: $900.

Location: Toronto, Ontario

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Are you kidding me! not rude I have had my experiences with them hmmm


I didn't lose the money to Softron but to CRA and this was the additional tax that I owed on income that I had not declared. Softron Tax gave me really good Service and I will continue to go back to them :grin

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