The owner so called Jake(jack *** of Punjab),a discrase to the honest people of punjab, i worked for him for six years at minimal pay and refusing to pay overtime for all the workers for all the years, if any one complain will be fired, he always press on gouging tax preparation fees, he worship the dollar has disrespect to even members of his own family, has foul language irrogant attitude, he is amastermind of tricks and khaning.I urge all ex workers to file a law suit to a labour lawyer and sign a petition against his company, he also accuses any worker of stealing his customers.

Monetary Loss: $10000.

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Softron is a reputable company with over 30 years in the Tax preparation Business. CRA audits all companies on a regular Basis.

They have complied with all Tax rules & Labour Rules for the past 30 years and that is why they continue to be in Business.

You have failed to mention that you are an ex employee of Softron

who was also running a competing tax business while being employed by Softron.


You should be ashamed of yourself that you would disrespect a company that gave you such a great opportunity in your Life.

Govern yourself as a professional. :cry


Supreme Court clears way for employees’ overtime suits against banks

A pair of potentially massive class-action lawsuits filed on behalf of employees at two of Canada’s largest banks alleging that they were unfairly denied overtime pay are now set to go ahead, after the Supreme Court of Canada declined to hear appeals in the cases on Thursday.

The Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce and the Bank of Nova Scotia are facing lawsuits filed on behalf of thousands of employees alleging the banks improperly denied their workers hundreds of millions of dollars worth of overtime. The banks deny the allegations and argue they treat their employees fairly.Softron ontario coarsing their workers who are distinctly of one ethnic group to not admit denied overtime payment is a violation of labour laws and if the softron owner thinks his workers are not much different from joe fresh workers of bengladesh, then softron workers has to come forward to lay the facts and substantiate allegations, best proof is to bring your pay stubs and show the bitter fact.


I recently started working for Softron. Can't say much about Jake since I haven't interacted with him for long periods of time.

But for the time that I have seen him in action, he seems to really care about his clients. I've seen him make people's day, make them laugh, simply because they stepped into the office. This was all still during my training period (which was an outstanding experience, no doubt).

As for the complaint about the receipts. Yes it's true that we don't have official receipts, but then think about it again, which professional service does?

We are not selling products, we are selling services. And its really hard to put a price tag on these services. Therefore we charge based on the amount of work put in, and trust me, the prices are very reasonable for the lifetime guarantee that they promise their customers. And the 13% HST isn't kept with us.

Softron is a registered business, therefore we are required to pay the HST collected back to the government. So I'm not sure how you would get the idea that we steal from our clients.

On top of everything, Softron is probably one of the ONLY professional companies I have seen that is willing to hire individuals with no prior experience. And they make sure that you are fully trained before they put you in front of clients (which is both good for the new staff and the client). Otherwise it is extremely hard for new immigrants to find a job in their field here.

SO kudos to Softron for giving everyone equal opportunities!!


I'm definitely happy about working with Softron for my co-op term!! :)


You sounded like Jake. Fake review!


Contact your states dept.of labor.Thats what you pay taxes for.They will fine him for not paying for overtime and you will get he money owed to you.


I used to go for Softron accounting service and the ACCOUNTANT (south Asian, not sure Punjabi or not) charged fee + 13% HST with no receipt !!!! and He requested I pay in CASH !!!

I am very sure he kept that 13% . When I asked for a receipt, he printed out a white A4 paper as a receipt to me but I found when I got home that it had not ref. number as a receipt should be.

It was just an ordinary print out, not an official receipt.

Can you imagine, if the accountant do this, what is going to happen to the tax and accounting work????


Do you really think that Revenue Canada would give them an EFiler number if they did not comply with HST, Payroll, Employer Health Tax, WSIB & Labour Laws. They have been in business for over 30 years.

Revenue Canada knows how many tax returns they file and audits the discounting on a yearly basis.

Please stop disrespecting a reputable company. :sigh

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